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Spice C makes hand drawn noodle and hand shaved noodle freshly per order. Our noodle soups, comes in 2 different broths and 20+ toppings to choose from. The original beef broth, and the Sezchuan style spicy broth that's thicker and more flavorful. Both broths are made with beef and chicken that takes hours to brew before serving, plus adding many different kinds of Chinese herbs that may help your body with high blood pressure, sugar level and much more..


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Dim Sum/ starters 
头盘老爷锅贴 Hand made fried pork dumplings 5.95
猪肉水饺 Hand made steamed pork dumplings 5.50
炸蝦 Fried Shrimp 6.95
牛肉起司卷 Cheese steak rolls (2) 5.95
菜卷 Veggie rolls (2) 3.95
上海卷 (鸡和虾) Spring rolls (chicken, shrimp & veg)(2) 3.95
鸡肉串 Chicken on the stick 5.95
起司云吞 Crab cheese Rangoon  5.95
炸鱼条 Fried fish sticks (real fish) 4.95
炸鱼丸 Fried fish balls 3.60
炸鱼豆腐 Fried fish tofu 3.60
炸鸡翅 Chicken wings (fried) 5.95
鱼香鸡翅 Chicken wings with garlic sauce 6.95
泰式鸡翅 Chicken wings with Tai chili sauce 6.95
卤味拼盘 Marinated mix platter 9.95 (sliced beef, tendon, stomach & pig ear)
麻辣拼盘 Spicy mix platter 3 9.95  (same as marinated platter in Szechuan spicy sauce) 
麻辣牛筋 Spicy beef tendon 3 9.50
卤牛肉 Marinated sliced beef  9.50
椒盐虾 Salt & pepper shrimps w. shell 9.95
烧鸭一盘 Roast duck (one plate) 13.95
Veggie Dishes 
​小菜腌萝卜 Sweet & sour radish 3.95
蚝油唐芥蓝 Steamed Chinese broccoli w. oyster sauce 5.95
凉拌小黄瓜 Cucumber in vinegar sauce 5.95
凉拌黑木耳 Wood ear mushroom in vinegar sauce 4.95
凉拌海带丝 Seadweed in vinegar sauce 4.95
凉拌拼盘 Cold veggie platter in vinegar sauce 6.95  (cucumber, seaweed, wood ear mushroom and radish)  (木耳,海带丝,小黄瓜和甜酸蘿蔔)
​清炒唐芥蓝 Stir fry Chinese broccoli 7.95
清炒豆苗 Peas sprout w. garlic S.P.
鱼香茄子 Eggplant w. garlic sauce 8.95
番茄炒蛋 Stir fry egg and tomato 3 8.95
Chef’ Special Rice Dishes 特色饭類 
虾Shrimp entrée  : 12.95 
鸡 或 牛Chicken or Beef entrée  : 10.95
豆腐Tofu entrée : 9.95

麻婆豆腐  Ma po Tofu (w. mince pork)  
芥蓝虾或牛 Broccoli w. shrimp or beef
芥蓝鸡或豆腐 Broccoli w. chicken or tofu
左宗鸡 或豆腐 General Tso’s chicken or tofu  
芝麻鸡 或豆腐 Sesame chicken or tofu  
鱼香虾或牛 Garlic shrimp or beef   
鱼香鸡或豆腐 Garlic chicken or tofu 
青椒牛  Pepper steak and onion 
四川虾或牛 Spicy Szechuan shrimp or beef   
四川鸡或豆腐 Spicy Szechuan chicken or tofu  
酱炒杂菜  Stir fry mixed vegetable w. brown sauce

Combo special $8.95 (smaller portion than regular entrée )
pick any 1 dish from above + white rice + a veggie roll
任选以上一道 +白饭 +菜卷*

Fried rice 
炒饭菠蘿炒饭 Pineapple fried rice (chicken & shrimp) 8.95
扬州炒饭 Yang Chow style fried rice 8.95
[鸡,虾和叉烧 (chicken, shrimp & pork) ]
什菜炒饭 Mix vegetable fried rice 7.95
叉烧炒饭 Roast pork fried rice 8.30
鸡炒饭 Chicken fried rice 8.30
牛肉炒饭 Beef fried rice 8.30
虾炒饭 Shrimp fried rice 8.95
Soup 湯类云吞汤 
Wonton soup  3.00
牛腩汤 Beef brisket soup  5.00
牛肉汤 Slice beef soup 5.00
羊肉汤 Lamb soup 5.00
牛尾汤 Ox tail soup 5.00
Szechuan Hot pot bowl
(Good for 2 or more people)
-Beef Lover 15.99
​Seaweed, wood ear mushroom, mushroom, snow pea, green pepper, carrots, baby corns, been sprouts, broccoli and beef, beef tendon, brisket, trip & stomach cooked in Szechuan spicy broth topped with cilantro and scallion 海带丝,木耳,草菇,雪豆,青椒,萝卜,小玉米,豆芽菜,芥兰花,牛腩,牛筋,牛肉,牛百葉,牛肚,香菜,葱花海鮮燙

 Seafood 15.99
Seaweed, wood ear mushroom, mushroom, snow pea, green pepper, carrots, baby corns, fish tofu, been sprouts, broccoli, shrimp, crab stick, squid, clam cooked in Szechuan spicy broth topped with cilantro and scallion 海带丝,木耳,草菇,雪豆,青椒,萝卜,小玉米, 鱼豆腐,豆芽菜,芥兰花,虾,魷魚,蟹條,花蛤,香菜,葱花

Hand Drawn or Shaved Noodle soup

[regular or sezchuan spicy soup base ]
[普通牛肉或 3四川香辣汤底]

本楼(牛肉,牛筋,牛腩)House special(beef, brisket & tendon) 8.30龙凤(鸡和虾) Dragon and phoenix (chicken & shrimp) 8.30
鸡 和 牛 Chicken and beef 8.30
杂菜鸡 Chicken w. mix veggie 8.30
三宝(鸡,叉烧和虾) 3 treasures(chicken, shrimp and pork) 8.30
双喜(牛肉和牛腩) Double love (beef brisket + sliced beef) 8.30
紅燒牛肉 Sliced beef 6.95
牛腩 Beef brisket 6.95
牛筋 Beef tendon 6.95
牛尾 Ox tail (more boney) 6.95
牛百叶 Beef tripe 6.95
牛肚 Beef stomach 6.95
牛杂 Beef mix 7.95 
(meanly beef tripe & stomach + few sliced beef and tendon) 

海鲜 Seafood 8.30 
(jumbo shrimp, crab stick, clam, fish flavored tofu and squid) (虾,蟹条,花蛤,鱼豆腐,鱿鱼)
大虾 Jumbo shrimp 8.30
水饺 Pork dumpling 6.95
杂菜煎蛋 Mix vegetable & fried egg 6.95
杂菜豆腐 Mix vegetable & tofu (steamed) 7.95
云吞 Wonton 6.50
羊肉 Lamb (steamed w. skin and bone) 6.95
紅燒排骨 Pork spare ribs 7.95
叉烧+云吞Roast pork + wonton (pork) 6.95
烧鸭 Roast duck 7.95
烧鸭+云吞Roast duck + wonton (pork) 7.95
雞片 Sliced chicken 6.95
燕丸 Meat balls 6.95

PS: Other noodle choices: Rice noodle or ho fun
-Add fried egg or marinated egg for $0.99 each    
-Szechuan Spicy Soup base $1.30 extra 
​P.S. for all the take out noodle soups: we put hand drawn and hand shaved noodles separately from soup. Please heat up the soup and put the noodle in when serving. Noodle prepared cold on purpose so it will not sticked together. Can be served for up to 3-5 days if keep refrigerated before serving.P.S. 所有外带的汤面:拉面和刀削面都是和汤分开装,使用时请将汤煮热再将面放入汤里即可食用,可放冰箱3-5天都可食用.

Stir Fry Hand Drawn or Shaved Noodle 
炒 拉面 或刀削面
(stir fried in beef soy sauce w. bean sprouts, egg, cabbage, carrots )
本楼(牛肉,牛筋,牛腩)House special(beef, brisket & tendon) 8.95龙凤(鸡和虾) Dragon and phoenix (chicken & shrimp) 8.95
鸡 和 牛 Chicken and beef 8.95
杂菜鸡 Chicken w. mix veggie 8.95
三宝(鸡,叉烧和虾) 3 treasures(chicken, shrimp and pork) 8.95
双喜(牛肉和牛腩) Double love (beef brisket + sliced beef) 8.95
牛杂 Beef mix 8.95 
(meanly beef tripe & stomach + few sliced beef and tendon) 
牛肉 Sliced beef 8.50
牛筋 Beef tendon 8.50
牛肚 Beef stomach 8.50
鸡片 Sliced chicken 8.50
大肠 Intestine 8.50
叉烧 Roast pork 8.50
海鲜 Seafood 9.20
大虾 Shrimp 9.20
杂菜 Mix vegetable 8.50
杂酱 Stir fry pork soy sauce  8.50
Chef’ Special Noodle Dish 特色面条
杂酱面  Noodle w. pork soy sauce 6.45
麻辣杂酱面  Noodle w. pork soy sauce Sezchuan style 6.95
林記巴泰  Pad Thai 9.20  (Thai style noodle with shrimps, squid)
泰式炒河粉 Jungle Noodle Shrimp or Beef 9.20  
(Thai style stir fry Hofun noodle)
星洲杂菜炒米粉 Curry veggie rice noodle 8.95   
(Mix veggie stir fry rice noodle in curry flavor)
星洲炒米粉 Singapore rice noodle  8.95  
(Chicken, shrimp & pork stir-fry rice noodle in curry flavor)
咖哩椰香冷面 Spice C cold noodle 6.75  
(Coconut, red curry flavor & grounded peanut)
花生醬面  Noodle w. Peanut Sauce 3.95